Crypthecodinium cohnii and Zymomonas mobilis syntrophy for production of omega 3 fatty acid

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    One of missions of industrial biotechnology is to produce valuable
    products from waste. In the current study we aim to establish a bioprocess
    of syntrophic co-cultivation of two microorganisms (Crypthecodinium
    cohnii and Zymomonas mobilis) at laboratory prototype level for
    bioconversion of renewables (molasses, the byproduct of sugar industry,
    and glycerol, byproduct of biodiesel production) into valuable vegetarian
    (produced by microorganisms) docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from omega 3
    fatty acid family.
    Cells of Z.mobilis strain (respiratory-deficient mutant derivative of the wild
    type strain Z.mobilis ATCC 29191) will be immobilized, following the
    previously described procedure of calcium alginate gel encapsulation.
    Mathematical modelling will be used for different components and at
    different stages of the syntrophic process to assist its improvement. The
    syntrophic bioprocess will be optimized with respect to (i) the medium
    composition, (ii) feed rates, (iii) oxygen supply, and (iv) the amounts of
    added immobilized Z. mobilis cells at particular stages of the fermentation.
    Genome and/or central carbon metabolism scale stoichiometric modelling
    and optimization will be performed to increase the utilization of cheap
    substrates and pre-treated residuals of C.cohnii. Bioprocess dynamics with
    respect to growth speed of batch fermentations will be modelled to ensure
    optimal proportions of syntrophic organisms, taking into account Z.mobilis
    production and immobilization as “slave” process of C.cohnii cultivation.
    Within several iterative cycles the fermentation data will be used for
    modelling and computer simulation of the bioprocess, and at the same
    time, the model-predicted dynamic behaviour of the system will aid further
    improvement of fermentation performance.
    Period12 Aug 201916 Aug 2019
    Event titleMetabolic Pathway Analysis 2019
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    • Systems biotechnology
    • Syntrophy
    • Crypthecodinium cohnii
    • Zymomonas mobilis
    • Docosahexaenoic acid

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    • 2.9 Industrial biotechnology