Rare case with lumbar Ewings sarcoma in young adult: case report

  • Zane Zarembo (Speaker)
  • Daire Lapse (Co-author)
  • Elīna Auziņa (Co-author)
  • Balodis, A. (Co-author)
  • Uldis Raits (Co-author)
  • Jūlija Dolgopolova (Co-author)
  • Beatrise šmitberga (Co-author)

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Ewing’s sarcoma is a rare and aggressive tumour, typically arising from bones or soft tissue around the bones. With an annual incidence of 1-3/ 1,000,000, it peaks in adolescents aged 10-20 years. Associated with caucasian race and male sex. Ewing’s family of tumours (EFT) encompasses Ewing sarcoma of bone (ESB) , extraosseous Ewing sarcoma (EES), PNET and Askin’s tumour.
Patient 20yo male presented acutely with back pain radiating down both legs, especially right. No paresis detected. Dysesthesia in L2 dextra innervation pool. Lumbar CT was carried out beforehand in an outpatient setting.
MRI is performed to clarify the diagnosis. It revealed a pathological mass/tumour in lumbar level with extradural spread in the spinal canal. Compression of the dural sac and spread through the intervertebral foramen outside the spinal canal. Areas of autonecrosis are detected. Working diagnosis Schwannoma.
Patient was hospitalised in planned order for arranged surgery - Lumbotomy dxt, L2 dxt tumour's resection and Hemilaminectomy L1 and L2 dxt, Extirpation of tumour.
Postoperative control MRI reveals fluid in the operation site. Extensive oedema along deep muscles and  hemorrhagic fluid along m. psoas. Slight narrowing of the spinal canal, no stenosis here. There is most likely a small amount of foraminal residual tissue in levels Th12-L1 and L2-L3, as well as altered body and dorsal arch on the right side of the L2 vertebra on with sclerotic changes.
Upon discharge from the hospital patient notes numbness under the surgical wound, which decreases dynamically. Neurologically no paresis, tactile and deep sensations are not disturbed. Surgical wounds heal primarily.. .. .. Ewing’s sarcoma is a malignant, rapidly growing tumour that causes pain and can become debilitating. A multidisciplinary approach and knowledge of the clinical, radiographic features and the management of this entity are important.
Period29 Mar 2023
Event titleRSU International Research Conference 2023: Knowledge for Use in Practice
Event typeConference
OrganiserRīga Stradiņš University
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