Good and Bad Neighbors: Perceptions in Latvian Society


    Period23 Sept 2022

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleGood and Bad Neighbors: Perceptions in Latvian Society
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletBaltic Bulletin
      Media typeWeb
      DescriptionRīga Stradiņš University, in cooperation with the Center for Geopolitical Studies Riga, explored the views of Latvian society on this matter with a nationally representative poll conducted in July 2022 by the SKDS research center. The survey reached 1,020 respondents in face-to-face interviews throughout the country. Respondents were asked to name the five friendliest countries and the same number of least friendly countries from a predefined list. The article discusses the results of this survey.
      PersonsMāris Andžāns

    Field of Science

    • 5.6 Political science