Channel-based biosensors to support a precision agriculture approach for improved bovine mastitis management

  • Prieto-Simona, Beatrise (Project leader)
  • Pilmane, Māra (Partner's coordinator)
  • Melderis, Ivars (Expert)
  • Šerstņova, Ksenija (Expert)
  • Moroza, Natālija (Participant)
  • Vitenberga-Verza, Zane (Leading expert)

Project Details


The project will be based on new knowledge about host organism anti-inflammatory proteins and cytokines, as well as nucleic acids, that are identifiable as potential biomarkers of mastitis. Using the presence of these biomarkers in milk, a "liquid biopsy" approach to non-invasive and rapid sensor diagnostics of bovine mastitis will be used. The sensor technology will be an achievement in the diagnosis and prediction of mastitis, which will allow to start treatment before pathogen replication and manifestation of symptoms.
The development of channel-based biosensors will be carried out for on-the-spot milk analysis and the setting of parameters to be tested will provide a valuable advantage for the European dairy sector. It will justify early and rational use of antimicrobials in Europe, clarify the agricultural approach to disease control, infection prevention and appropriate antimicrobial management.
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/03/24


  • European Commission: €1,040,000.00
  • Latvia State Budget funding: €205,000.00


  • Precision agriculture
  • bovine mastitis
  • host immune-derived biomarkers
  • nanostructured electrochemical biosensors
  • early diagnosis

Field of Science

  • 4.2 Animal and Dairy science

Smart Specialization Area

  • Biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology


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