Decision Support Tool for an Integrated Food Waste Valorisation System

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    Food waste (FW) is among the most generated biogenic waste around the globe. Annually 1/3 of the global food produced is wasted, and waste occurs at all stages of the food supply chain causing negative environmental, economic and social effects. FW can efficiently be used as feedstock in waste biorefinery that can result in a number of value-added products. FW can play an important role in developing sustainable circular bioeconomy. Yet, there is a lack of tools for assessment of FW valorisation systems.
    The aim is to develop a decision support tool for an integrated FW valorisation system where the availability of feedstock, its bioconversion efficiency, and the related environmental and techno-economic effects are considered.
    The novelty is the selected hybrid modelling methodology that provides the possibility to test and assess a variety of FW valorisation scenarios before their implementation.
    Effective start/end date1/05/2030/04/23


    • Circular bioeconomy
    • Microbial metabolism
    • Systems biology
    • System dynamics modelling
    • Waste biorefinery

    Field of Science

    • 2.7 Environmental engineering
    • 2.9 Industrial biotechnology
    • 1.2 Computer and information sciences

    Smart Specialization Area

    • Knowledge-based bioeconomy


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    • University of Padova

      Elīna Dāce (Visiting researcher)

      21 Aug 202111 Sep 2021

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