Determination of indoor pollution caused by office equipment and assessment of its potential impact on the organism

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The issue of the assessment of pollution caused by office equipment and its impact on the organism has become topical due to the increasing number of complaints from office workers on their state of health and discomfort. Nanoparticles released by office equipment can travel from the airways through the bloodstream and cells of different organs due to their small size and contact surface and cause harmful health effects.

Within the framework of the project the plan is to assess the risk of nanoparticles entering the organism, according to their number and surface area using modern equipment from the Institute for Occupational Safety and Environmental Health as well as to identify the qualitative and quantitative amounts of the polluting substances using a gas chromatograph with mass spectral detection. The possible impact of office equipment (printers, copiers) causing pollution of the organism shall be assessed experimentally by nanoparticle biokinetics in the organism of experimental animals, their precipitation in particular organs and response reactions. This study shall be the basis for the development of indoor air regulations in a non-industrial work environment, an improvement of workplace risk assessment methodology and educational seminars for occupational physicians and labour protection specialists
Effective start/end date1/10/0931/10/20


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