Development of anti-parasitar phytomethyl containing herbal extracts

Project Details


The main benefit of the project is, in cooperation with agricultural organisations, animal growers and cross-sectoral researchers, to study and implement in practice scientifically proven, biological, animal and environmentally friendly phytomedicinal products for the control of parazitosis intended for medicinal plants growing in Latvia.
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/05/23


  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: €89,865.00
  • Riga Stradins University: €1,764.78
  • Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies: €8,120.00
  • Veterinary Education Centre of Latvia LLC: €40.24
  • Mikaitas LLC: €50.40
  • Latvian Sheep Breeders Association: €10.08

Field of Science

  • 1.6 Biological sciences

Smart Specialization Area

  • Biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology


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