Development of responsible, diverse and high-quality journalism in Latvia's national and regional mass media, promoting social inclusion of third-country nationals in Latvia

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Promote the inclusion of third-country nationals who are legally resident in Latvia in Latvian society by involving mass media in this process. Raising public awareness and promoting constructive dialogue between third-country nationals and the public, promoting improvements in the quality and content of information provided by mass media on social inclusion issues for third-country nationals.
The project will involve at least 30 representatives of Latvia's national and regional media, involving at least 10 media organisations that will go into topics such as mediation and critical thinking, lie decoration, hate speech, visual communication and migration, and migration and public health stereotypes in the media. Similarly, discussions will take place in the regions on the impact of migration on culture, media ethics in the coverage of migration, news decoration and migration problems in Latvia's border area. In order to gain international experience and knowledge, the project will provide trips to Germany (Deutsche Welle) and Malta to familiarise themselves with the social integration of third-country nationals. Quality articles and stories will be written after the trips.
Effective start/end date2/01/2030/09/20


  • Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund: €238,586.57
  • Latvia State Budget funding: €79,528.86

Field of Science

  • 5.8 Media and Communication

Smart Specialization Area

  • Social sciences and humanities as fields with horizontal impact on RIS3


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