Engineering and functionalization of delivery system with Pelargonium sidoides biologically active substance on inflamed periodontal surface area

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Periodontitis treatment include use of antibiotics and synthetic antiseptics that is accompanied by systemic side effects and increased bacterial resistance. Such strategy is not suitable for prolonged or repeatable treatment and fails to stop disease remission and further progression. This creates a demand for local delivery devices with multiple antibacterials of mild action. The aim of the project is to engineer a biodegradable mucoadhesive drug delivery system of local action with natural active substance for periodontitis treatment. The system will be designed to release optimized levels of multiple antibacterials from Pelargonium sidoides root extract in the disease-affected area for a sustained period of time aiming for both ease of use and high patient acceptance. The project will deliver an innovative product that will help to avoid or delay surgical treatment, prevent side effects, bacterial resistance, reduce the number of severe cases and decrease societal medical costs.
Effective start/end date1/04/1831/08/18


  • Riga Stradins University: €6,912.00
  • European Commission: €476,996.00

Field of Science

  • 3.3 Health sciences

Smart Specialization Area

  • Biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology


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