Excess Weight, Dietary Habits and Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Status in Pregnancy

  • Meija, Laila (Project leader)
  • Lazdāne, Gunta (Leading expert)
  • Cauce, Vinita (Expert)
  • Ķīse, Līva (Assistant (student))
  • Klaramunta-Antila, Kristīne (Assistant (student))
  • Piskurjova, Anna (Assistant (student))
  • Bule, Violeta (Assistant (student))
  • Rezgale, Roberta (Assistant (student))
  • Kalvāne, Marita (Expert (PhD student))
  • Aizbalte, Olga (Assistant (student))
  • Laugale-Vielande, Laine (Assistant (student))
  • Nikolajeva, Ksenija (Assistant (student))


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Medicine and Dentistry

Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology