Media Literacy in the Baltics (Phase 2)

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    During the implementation of this project it is planned to achieve 1) the need for closer, in-depth, interdisciplinary research based insight into problems of teaching and learning of MIL for (future) journalists and other groups of society; 2) the need for project/product oriented approach in MIL teaching methodology; 3) the need for practical training of user skills in everyday environment of (especially social media) communication situations.
    The proposed project is aimed at gratification of those needs by 1) practical development of the virtual simulation tool for strengthening of critical reading skills in changing media environment; 2) testing of the effectiveness of the tool in teaching based on L2D methodology provided by experts from the fields of journalism and media, psychology, cognitive science and IT and improvement of it; 3) using the tool for further interdisciplinary research of critical news reading teaching in the schools with young people from Latvian and Russian communities of Latvia.
    Effective start/end date1/11/2128/02/23


    • The International Research and Exchanges board: €37,633.47

    Field of Science

    • 5.3 Educational sciences

    Smart Specialization Area

    • Social sciences and humanities as fields with horizontal impact on RIS3


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