Mindful tourism services for mentally disordered people

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    Main outputs of the project will be:
    1) situation scan of regional tourism services for people with intellectual disabilities;
    2) prototypes of a tourism services for people with mental disorders;
    3) implementation roadmap for creation and upscaling the prototypes;
    4) assessment tool for the evaluation of accessibility of tourism services for people with mental disorders.

    The biggest impact of the project is change of mindset in participating organisations and regions that tourism services could be designed accessible for mentally disordered people and this target group is valuable segment in tourism. Another big impact is increased knowledge and eagerness to use developed tools to design tourism services to mentally disordered people by tourism organisations and widened travel opportunities for mentally disordered people and their families.

    EU Programme - Erasmus+
    Short titleMindTour
    Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22

    Field of Science

    • 5.9 Other social sciences


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