Multispecies experience of protected areas in Latvia and Italy

  • Bolettin, Paride (Expert)

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This anthropological comparative study of Ķemeri National Park (Latvia) and Valle Averto (Italy) investigates how protected areas shape human and other-than-human collectives and the impacts of the current Covid-19 pandemic on these processes. Present environmental concerns call for special attention to people-environment interrelations. Protected areas emerge as a key social, political and juridical tool for their redefinitions since they significantly impact both humans and other-than-humans living in these areas. Concomitantly, the Covid-19 pandemic produces impacts on these interrelations as experienced in protected areas, demanding an analysis focused on both humans and other-than-humans. The multispecies epistemological approach includes different beings in the ethnographic description, letting to produce such non-anthropocentric analysis. The methodologically participative ethnography guarantees the involvement of social actors in the identification of core questions and possible affirmative strategies for local development. It will produce a dialogical setting between the people residing in the two field sites, between specialists of social and biological disciplines, and between local communities and policy makers. It will offer a detailed description of impacts of Covid-19 on local multispecies collectives, promoting strategies for the redefinition of such collectives from the local demands. This project contributes to the Latvian Smart Specialization Strategy Knowledge-intensive bio-economy, Future growth sectors, and RSU Grow research field Social sciences (social anthropology) supporting effective social and economic benefits while implementing effective strategies facing the Covid-19 pandemic.
Effective start/end date1/01/2130/06/23


  • Anthropology
  • Protected areas
  • Multispecies
  • Sustainable development
  • Covid-19

Field of Science

  • 5.7 Social and Economic geography
  • 5.9 Other social sciences

Smart Specialization Area

  • Biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology


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