PRISMAP - The European medical isotope programme

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Production of high purity isotopes by mass separation proposes to federate a consortium of the key European intense neutron sources, isotope mass separation facilities and high-power accelerators and cyclotrons, with leading biomedical research institutes and hospitals active in the translation of the emerging radionuclides into medical diagnosis and treatment

Key findings

nuclear medicine, isotope, radionuclide, radiopharmaceutical
Short titlePRISMAP
Effective start/end date1/05/2130/04/25


  • nuclear medicine
  • radionuclide
  • radiopharmaceutical

Field of Science

  • 1.3 Physical sciences
  • 1.4 Chemical sciences
  • 3.2 Clinical medicine
  • 3.3 Health sciences
  • 3.4 Medical biotechnology

Smart Specialization Area

  • Biomedicine, medical technologies and biotechnology


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