Values in action: development of responsible, secure and educated civil society with research and action models

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    The project aims to develop a solid knowledge base and develop and test potential action models for improvement of a responsible and active Latvian civic society. The project will take a wide scope in researching the given topic by deepening into the values of the Latvian State, the functioning of public institution governance areas, the development of values in the territory of Latvia over the course of history. The project team will explore the importance of democratic values, the rights of the State and the factors influencing their development. Special attention will be paid to the governance bodies and policies of the European Union in relation to the topic of civil society development, as well as the rights of the society. The responsibility and cooperation mechanisms in the process of general development of the State, and the ways in which the values of society affect its actions will be investigated in both macro and micro levels, focusing, first, on the structural influences and, second, on the agentic positioning and actions of the individuals. The project will be implemented in close cooperation between two scientific institutions: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (Lead partner) and Riga Stradiņš University (Partner). The main results of the project will be two monographies, several scientific publications in academic journals- drawing on the research results, potential action models for improvement of civil society in Latvia will be elaborated and tested.
    Effective start/end date1/12/1830/11/21


    • Latvian Council of Science: €599,839.00


    • Civil society
    • societal security
    • civil participation
    • democratization and values
    • governance

    Field of Science

    • 6.1 History and Archaeology
    • 5.5 Law
    • 5.1 Psychology
    • 5.4 Sociology
    • 5.6 Political science
    • 5.8 Media and Communication

    Smart Specialization Area

    • Social sciences and humanities as fields with horizontal impact on RIS3


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