Worlds of Journalism Study 2021-2023: Mapping journalism’s hostile environment

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    The third wave of the Worlds of Journalism Study is currently underway. Researchers from more than 120 countries are surveying representative samples of journalists, this time focusing, among other topics, on journalists’ safety, deteriorating editorial freedom, influences on news production, the impact of technology, and increased precarization of journalistic labor. First results will be available in early 2024.
    Short titleWorlds of Journalism Study 2021-2023
    Effective start/end date1/10/2131/12/25


    • Worlds of Journalism Study
    • discoursive institutionalism
    • journalist professional identity
    • journalist professional roles
    • journalism mapping

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    • 5.8 Media and Communication

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    • Social sciences and humanities as fields with horizontal impact on RIS3


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