Модифікований SERVPERF vs модифікований SERVSAT: порівняння методик вимірювання якості освітніх послуг

Ruslana Moskotina, Mykola Sydorov , Юріс Брейдакс, Juris Breidaks

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The article discusses two methods designed to measure the quality of educational services are included in the UNiDOS monitoring survey. There are modified SERVPERF and modified SERVSAT. They consist of the same questions that characterize various aspects of the educational process but have different scales. The modified SERVSAT involves direct measurement of satisfaction with educational process. The modified SERVPERF measures satisfaction indirectly. It compares respondents’ expectations about educational process and the reality. We tried to find out whether modified SERVPERF and modified SERVSAT can be considered equivalent. In general, these methods give the same results. They have the same factor structure. The questions grouped into five dimensions: Tangibles, Reliability, Assurance, Responsiveness, Empathy. But there are also differences that do not allow us to definitively claim that the methods are equivalent. Comparing the means shows that the scale of the modified SERVPERF is slightly shifted to the left relatively to the scale of the modified SERVSAT. Analysis of the percentage of respondents who did not decide on the answer shows the following. The modified SERVPERF works better when the respondent has certain expectations about some aspect of the educational process. The modified SERVSAT works better when the respondent has a clear idea about real situation regarding some aspect of the educational process.
Original languageUkranian
Pages (from-to)64 -75
Number of pages12
JournalSociological Studios
VolumeNo. 1(22)
Issue number1(22)
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jun 2023


  • modified SERVPERF
  • modified SERVSAT
  • quality of educational services

Field of Science*

  • 5.4 Sociology

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  • 1.3. Anonymously reviewed scientific article published in a journal with an international editorial board and is available in another indexed database

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