30-day mortality rates of acute myocardial infarction with ST elevation and non ST-elevation patients

Jolanta Skrule, Santa Pildava, Juris Barzdins, Artis Luguzis, Rita Konstante

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Coronary heart disease is leading cause of burden of disease in the Europe. One of the care
quality indicators is 30-day mortality after admission for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Latvia has
one of the highest mentioned rate in OECD countries. Main task was to calculate 30-day AMI mortality
rate by AMI type (with and without ST-elevation) in Latvia by hospital level for finding possible factors
explained high mortality rates.
Admission data from National Health Service (governmental reimbursement system), had linked
with Register of Causes of Death by the period 2014–2017 at person level. Rate of all cause death occurring in and out of hospital within 30 days following hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction
(ICD-10 codes I21-I22) was calculated (inclusion and exclusion criteria used by OECD). Results were
divided into two groups: ST and non-ST elevation AMI patients (STEMI and NSTEMI).
There were identified 11 675 acute AMI admissions to 20 hospitals for time period – 4 years.
Average 30-days mortality for all AMI admissions was 17.4%. There were 9168 STEMI (78.5%) and
2507 NSTEMI cases (21.5%) for all hospitals admitting AMI patients. Proportion had not significant
changes during four-year period. For STEMI cases AMI mortality was 18.8%, for NONSTEMI – 12.2%.
The differences in proportion of AMI types between all 20 hospitals were huge: from 0.4% to 47.9%
(statistically significant). Lowest NSTEMI proportion was in a hospital where referred 25.5% of all AMI
The huge difference between hospitals in proportion of NSTEMI cases could not be explained as
randomness in patient distribution. It is linked with differences in coding tradition among hospitals.
NSTEMI type of AMI is undercounted in Latvia. It could be one of reasons explained relatively high rate
of 30-day AMI mortality.


ConferenceRSU International Research Conference 2019
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RSU starptautiskā konference "Zināšanas praksei" medicīnas un veselības aprūpes nozarē 2019.
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