Assessment of body composition and the anthropometric parameters of the military personnel during high physical load exercises

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Military activities are characterized with high physical endurance exercises
and the psychological load. The cadets of the last study year participate in
the combat training course lasting for ten days. The combat training course
is a challenge for military officers. It is characterized with the transition from
the daily military study process routine in the National Defence Academy to
military exercises in the external environment. The cadets face feeding limitation, sleeping deprivation, intensive and continuous training, strict discipline, etc. Such a situation requires the adaptation to a novel way of activity, which includes hardships and arduous training. We provided the assessment of the body mass fluctuation during the combat training course. We provided the analysis of anthropometric parameters before, during and after the combat training course, summarized the data of the health statement and health problems that are fixed in the medical cards. The proper body mass supports the good health capacity. The body composition undergoes changes during the higher physical load performance. The analysis of the average value of the body mass and the Body Mass Index have shown large individual changes inside the groups. Physical fitness and body composition have an adverse effect on military performance. The assessment of the results of physical fitness tests is provided differentially according to the individual corresponding age subgroup. The military personnel have a high risk for the health concerning the impact of external and internal factors. According to the review of the medical cards of the cadets group we indicated the main problems which are fixed after the combat training course. These are acute respiratory infections, dermatological problems, locomotor system problems, gastro-intestinal
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JournalPapers on Anthropology
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Publication statusPublished - 4 Jul 2017


  • Anthropometric characteristics of the military personnel
  • the fitness level of the military personnel
  • the high endurance exercise effect

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