Association between road safety behaviour and careless health behaviour in Latvian adult population

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The aim of the study was to research the road safety behaviour of the adult population of Latvia in relation to careless health behaviour (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, no regular health check-ups at the family doctor). The data of “Health behaviour among the Latvian adult population” for five consecutive surveys for the years 2010-2018 were selected for analysis. Questions regarding sociodemographic factors, self-reported use of seat belt in vehicle and other health related behaviour were used to obtain information and analyse results. T-test and logistic regression analyses were conducted to compare outcomes. The prevalence of respondents always wearing a seat belt has increased from 93.5% (N = 1932; 95% CI 92.4 – 94.5) to 95.6% (N = 2272; 95% CI 94.8 – 96.4) in the front seat and from 52.4% (N = 1084; 95% CI 50.3 – 54.4) to 56.3% (N = 1338; 95% CI 54.5 – 58.3) in the rear seat between year 2010 to 2018 (p < 0.0001). Of the 10731 respondents, 30.8% (N = 3309; 95% CI 30.0 – 31.7) were daily smokers, 14.8% (N = 1593; 95% TI 14.2 – 15.5) had excessive alcohol consumption habits, 74.1% (N =7952; 95% CI 73.3 – 74.9) had visited their family doctor last year one or more times. Odds to use seat belt were 2.6 times lower in the front seat and 1.7 times lower in the rear seat for daily smokers, 2.8 and 2.4 times lower for excessive alcohol users, 1.6 and 1.4 times lower for those, who had not visited their family doctor last year, respectively. Multivariate regression analysis showed careless behaviour is an independent factor associated with road safety habits. The relationship between individual road safety habits and careless health behaviour highlights the need to base public health policies and health promotion on an integrated approach.
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EventRSU Research week 2021: Society. Health. Welfare - Rīga, Latvia
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ConferenceRSU Research week 2021: Society. Health. Welfare
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