Between past and future wars and military technologies

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The stories of the Latvian security and defence industry will introduce readers to the paths that our predecessors have followed, and business leaders follow today, in order to build strong industrial traditions and scientific achievements through the centuries.

Readers will learn how military industry and science oriented towards it have reached the heights of industrial success in Latvia and the world. These are an important support to soldiers' combat capabilities and an incentive for societies to be innovative and resilient to crises, war and changes in political regimes.

The book collects the stories of three authors. Juris Ciganovs tells about the beginnings of the Latvian Army’s technical supply and military industry, Māris Andžans outlines about the past and future wars and military technologies, Elīna Egle-Ločmele – about the importance of Latvia's accession to NATO and the EU for the development of the defence industry.

The book contains a lot of visual material, as well as congratulations of the highest officials on the 10th anniversary of the Federation Security and Defense Industries of Latvia and business cards of all members of the Federation.
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Title of host publicationStories of the Security and Defence Industry of Latvia
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2023
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