Characteristics of vaccination against SARS-CoV2 of rheumatic diseases patients in the largest center of Rheumatology in Latvia

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Vaccination of Covid-19 was started in the end of 2020 in Latvia. Rheumatic diseases patients were excluded form vaccines pre-registration studies. Safety and efficacy aspects of vaccines against Covid-19 for rheumatic diseases patients was challenge during 2021.
We collected data about vaccination against Covid-19 of rheumatic diseases patients in Paul Stradins Clinical University hospital, the center of Rheumatology from December 2020 till August 2021 and additionally data about Covid-19 before, during or after vaccination.
A total of 422 patients with rheumatic diseases were included. 69% were women and 31% - man and mean age was 51,79 (SD 14,63) years. Most common diagnosis for the patients were: rheumatoid arthritis n=127 and spondyloarthropathies: ankylosing spondylitis n=76, psoriatic arthritis n=66 patients and other spondyloarthropathies n=11. Rare rheumatic diseases were presented as follow: juvenile idiopathic arthritis n=28; systemic lupus erythematosus n=20; systemic sclerosis n=8; primary Sjogren’s syndrome n=7; polymyositis/dermatomyositis n=3; polymyalgia rheumatica n=6; vasculitis n=16; mixed connective tissue disease n=2; others (panniculitis, primary antiphospholipid syndrome, granulomatous mastitis) n=7. Osteoarthritis n=38, gout n=4 and general joint hypermobility syndrome n=3. We analyzed disease activity for 384 patients – autoimmune rheumatic diseases and n=102 of them were in remission, 191 had mild, 73 moderate and 18 patients had severe disease activity. We analyzed therapy profile for 338 patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases and 99 patients used sDMARDS, 14 – tsDMARDS, 134 – bDMARDs, 13 – immunosupressive therapy, 69 patients used combined therapy and 12 patients NSAIDs. Glucocorticoids therapy used 16% of 422 patients. There were data about 352 patients and therapy interruption during vaccination – 275 of patients continued therapy and n=77, 22% had stopped it. We analyzed comorbidities (dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and malignancy) of our patient group and 61% had at least one of them. Vaccine profile: Comirnaty received 207 patients, Vaxzevria n=117, Spilevax n=65 and Johnson n=13. From March 2020 till June 2021 48 Covid-19 cases was diagnosed in the study group.
The most of rheumatic diseases patients in our group had remission or low disease activity, what is the optimal time for vaccination. Comorbidities is serious risk factor for complicated outcome of Covid-19 and it is mandatory to check for them of rheumatic diseases patients. Most patients used sDMARDS and bDMARDS for therapy of a rheumatic disease and 77 of 352 patients had stopped therapy during vaccination due to rheumatologist recommendations. Disease flare was detected for 8% of our patients after vaccination, which is acceptable and shows safety for vaccines of SARS-CoV2 in rheumatic diseases patient group.


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