Differences between HOMA-IR, TC/HDL-C, LDL-C, CRP levels and waist circumference in clinically healthy Latvian individuals with and without NAFLD

Vija Silina, Mesfin K. Tessma, Gita Krievina, Ilze Jakobsone, Guntis Bahs

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Non-alcoholicfatty liver disease (NAFLD) is considered a significant cardiovascular diseases(CVD) risk factor due to insulin resistance, atherogenic dyslipidemia andsubclinical inflammation. However, information on differences among insulinresistance index (HOMA-IR), atherogenic index (TC/HDL-C), low densitylipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and waistcircumference between individuals with and without NAFLD residing in Latvia isscarce, especially in clinically healthy individuals, when there is still anoption for primary prevention of CVD.

Research question:

What significantdifferences could be found among HOMA-IR, CRP, LDLC and TC/HDL-C values andwaist circumference in clinically healthy Latvian overweight and obeseindividuals with or without NAFLD?


A crosssectional survey in Riga, Latvia included 91 clinically healthy individuals (31men, age 36,4±4,0, BMI 32,8±4,0; 60 women, age 37,1±4,2, BMI 32,0±4,5) havingbody mass index ≥25 m2/kg visiting primary care physician.Individuals were divided in two groups according to hepatic density measured oncomputed tomography: with NAFLD (N=32, 19 men, 13 women) and without NAFLD(N=60, 12 men, 47 women).  Differencesbetween groups were estimated by comparing appropriate means of both groups.


We found thatindividuals with NAFLD compared to those without NAFLD had significantly higherHOMA-IR (4,0±2,1 and 2,8±1,4 respectively; p=0,001) and TC/HDL-C (4,4±1,1 and4,8±1,2 respectively; p=0,019) levels and larger waist circumference(106,9±12,9 and 96,0±9,6 respectively; p=0,001). There was no statisticallysignificant difference between CRP and LDLC levels.


In Riga,Latvia individuals with NAFLD had significantly higher HOMA-IR and TC/HDL-Ccompared to those without NAFLD that could be related to already known effectsof NAFLD. There is no difference in CRP and LDLC levels.

Points for discussion:

Why thereis difference in TC/HDL-C and no difference in LDLC levels?

Why CRPlevels are not different?

Could HOMA-IR and TC/HDL-C be used for furtherstudies regarding NAFLD related risks? 


Congress18th Nordic Congress of General Practice (NCGP)
Abbreviated titleNCGP 2013
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