Efektivitātes jēdziens: izpratne interpretācijas un izmantošana

Edgars Stals, Žanna Caurkubule, Rita Konstante

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The aim of this article is to reflect the problem of the concept of effectiveness/efficiency, to
promote the understanding of this term and to promote a uniform application of the terminology
in Latvian scientific literature. The concept of effectiveness / efficiency and the interpretation
of the relevant term give rise to discussion in Latvian scientific discourse. The problem of this
topic is linked not only to the understanding of the concept of effectiveness/efficiency, but also
to the terminological classification, the possibilities for assessing the efficiency of certain processes,
and the relevance of English terms related to effectiveness / efficiency in the Latvian language.
The different interpretations of the terms ìefficiency and effectivenessî in Latvian scientific
literature influence the quality of economic research by attempting to replace these concepts
with existing terms that already have their place in economic theory. Given the universal use of
the concept of effectiveness / efficiency, the issues related to effectiveness / efficiency assessment
processes are also versatile and non-standardised, including various approaches, structures and
components reflected in scientific literature. To find a prerequisite meaning, theoretical basis,
and main issues relating to effectiveness / efficiency concepts, the authors of this article analyse
these terms in English, Russian and Latvian economic literature, as well as their classifications,
definitions, terminology, and interpretations of the term. The authors conclude that in foreign
literature the English terms ìefficiency and effectivenessî, as well as the related terms are clearly
defined and appropriately positioned. However, they do not have a clear definition and interpretation
in Latvian scientific discourse. Despite the translation solutions offered by the Latvian
Academy of Sciences Terminology Commission of the termís efficiency and effectiveness, the
proposed equivalents have not stabilised in Latvian scientific literature and the State Administration
Key words: effectiveness / efficiency, effectiveness / efficiency definition, effectiveness /
efficiency concept, effectiveness / efficiency theory, productivity.
Original languageLatvian
Pages (from-to)7-36
JournalSociālo Zinātņu Vēstnesis=Social Sciences Bulletin
Issue number35
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022
Externally publishedYes

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  • 5.2 Economy and Business

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  • 1.2. Scientific article included in INT1 or INT2 category journal of ERIH database

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