Invasive pneumococcal disease epidemiology in Latvia, 2017-2021

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Laboratory confirmed IPD cases are passively notified to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia (CDPC) by laboratories and clinicians.
Materials and Methods
We calculated incidence by age, sex, case fatality, and trend in serotypes by conducting a retrospective population-based study based on national IPD surveillance data.
From 2017 to 2021 371 cases of IPD were reported, including 17 (4,6%) cases reported in age 0-17. The total mean IPD cases during five years are 74,2 cases per year (3,9/100,000). The highest notified incidence was in 2018 at 4.3/100,000, which fell to 3.5 in 2020. The highest mean annual IPD incidence was in infants (7.2) and in the elderly (8.0).
95% (351/371) of all S.pneumoniaein IPD cases were serotyped. PCV10 vaccine serotypes has a decreasing trend from 27% in 2017 to 17,4% in 2021. PCV13 vaccine serotypes had
an increasing trend and rose from 16,2% in 2017 to 36% in 2021 aspatially in children (aged 0-17) and elderly (aged >=65). The most common serotypes among all patients are 19A (13%, 46/351), 3 (12,8%, 45/351) and 8 (11,4%, 40/351) Total case fatality rate in study period was 16,2% (57/371) with the highest in elderly (aged >=65) 16,7% (26/155). The highest case fatality 21,4% was in 2021. 21% (12/57) of all S. pneumoniae death from IPD was associated with serotype 19A.
Surveillance data indicate the importance to change the vaccine in the schedule from
PCV10 to other including more S.pneumoniae serotypes.
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JournalMedicina (Kaunas)
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