IVIVC for Extended Release Hydrophilic Matrix Tablets in Consideration of Biorelevant Mechanical Stress

Valentyn Mohylyuk, Seyedreza Goldoozian, Gavin P. Andrews, Andriy Dashevskiy (Coresponding Author)

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Purpose. When establishing IVIVC, a special problem arises by interpretation of averaged in vivo profiles insight of considerable individual variations in term of time and number of mechanical stress events in GI-tract. The objective ofthe study was to investigate and forecast the effect ofmechanical stress on in vivo behavior in human ofhydrophilic matrix tablets. Methods. Dissolution profiles for the marketed products were obtained at different conditions (stirring speed, single- or repeatable mechanical stress applied) and convoluted into C-t profiles. Vice versa, published in vivo C-t profiles of the products were deconvoluted into absorption profiles and compared with dissolution profiles by similarity factor. Results. Investigated hydrophilic matrix tablets varied in term of their resistance against hydrodynamic stress or single stress during the dissolution. Different scenarios, including repeatable mechanical stress, were investigated on mostly prone Seroquel® XR 50 mg. None of the particular scenarios fits to the published in vivo C-t profile of Seroquel® XR 50 mg representing, however, the average ofindividual profiles related to scenarios differing by number, frequency and time of contraction stress. When different scenarios were combined in different proportions, the profiles became closer to the original in vivo profile including a burst between 4 and 5 h, probably, due to stress-events in GI-tract. Conclusion. For establishing IVIVC oforal dosage forms susceptible mechanical stress, a comparison of the deconvoluted individual in vivo profiles with in vitro profiles ofdifferent dissolution scenarios can be recommended.
Original languageEnglish
Article number227
JournalPharmaceutical Research
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2020
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