Latviešu valodas kā svešvalodas apguve Āzijā

Translated title of the contribution: Acquisition of Latvian as a foreign language in Asia

Inga Laizāne (Coresponding Author)

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The Latvian language as a foreign language (LATS) is learned both in Latvia and abroad. It can be done in higher education institutions, as well as in different courses and self-directed learning. Outside Latvia, there are many countries and higher education institutions where it is possible to acquire LATS. In some higher education institutions, the Latvian language has been taught since the beginning of the 20th century. The oldest LATS teaching traditions are in North America, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania and Australia. In some universities, such as Stockholm University, Masaryk University, Saint Petersburg State University, etc., academically strong study programs in Baltic Studies were established. Over time, study programs have been closed for various reasons, at most leaving the Latvian language as an optional course. At some universities, the Latvian language course has been discontinued. Although in some higher education institutions outside Latvia LATS could be acquired starting from the beginning of the 20th century, the most significant interest in the Latvian language was after the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia. Then many higher education institutions in Europe established Latvian language and culture study programs. This interest was related to the geopolitical situation. People tried to get to know the post-Soviet countries through the language. When Latvia joined the European Union, interest in the Latvian language decreased in Europe. Nowadays, interest in the Latvian language has increased in Asia, especially in China. In Asia, it is possible to acquire the Latvian language in China and Japan. There are established different Latvian language bachelor programs in universities of China while in Japan the Latvian language is taught for somebody interested in Latvian culture and traditions more than in the Latvian language.
Translated title of the contributionAcquisition of Latvian as a foreign language in Asia
Original languageLatvian
Title of host publicationValodu apguve: problēmas un perspektīva: zinātnisko rakstu krājums
Subtitle of host publicationzinātnisko rakstu krājums
Place of PublicationLiepāja
PublisherLiepājas Universitāte: LiePA
Publication statusPublished - 14 May 2020


  • latviešu valoda kā svešvaloda
  • Japāna
  • Ķīna
  • bakalaura studiju programma

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