Lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 emergency state in the general population of Latvia

Baiba Rezgale, Jeļena Vrubļevska, Elmārs Rancāns, Anna Šibalova, Ilana Aleskere

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There is evidence of negative impact on various lifestyle-related behaviours as a potential implication of COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the unique COVID-19 state of emergency from 12th of March – 10th of June 2020 has remodelled the lifestyle of the Latvian population, particularly in smoking habits, alcohol consumption, diet, exercising, sleep and intimate life. The study was a part of an international survey with more than 40 participating countries and was carried out within the framework of the National Research Program. It was conducted as a structured online survey in July 2020 for three weeks using a randomized stratified sample of the general adult population. The weighted sample consisted of 2608 respondents. Almost half of the respondents 44.4% (95% CI (42.5-46.3) (n =1158) reported modifying their exercise regime. A fraction of people 16.5% (95% CI 15.2-18.0) (n=431) admitted to eating more and 11.8% (95% CI (10.6-13.1) (n=307) consumed less food during the emergency state. The BMI increased in 24.4% (95% CI (22.8-26.1) (n=636) and decreased in 12.6% (95% CI (11.3-13.9) (n=327) of respondents. The quality of sleep worsened in 17.2% (95% CI (15.8-18.7) (n=449) and 14.9% (95% CI (13.6-16.3) (n=389) had to take sleep medication. The craving for cigarettes was intensified in 10.6% (95% CI (8.6-13.1) (n=76) of smokers. More alcohol was consumed by 7.9% (95% CI (6.9-9.0) (n=206) of respondents. Sexual desire diminished for 11.9% (95% CI (10.7-13.2) (n=311). The state of emergency brought alterations to everyday lives for a percentage of people, a situation that presumably brings hardship to people. Recommendations on healthier lifestyle adaptation during the pandemic could be applicable.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 24 Mar 2021
EventRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice - Rīga, Latvia
Duration: 24 Mar 202126 Mar 2021


ConferenceRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice
Abbreviated titleRW2021
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  • 5.1 Psychology

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