Model characterizing sports game referees

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The question concerning such a person who is forced to work in the conditions of increased stress and about work safety still is a psycho-physiological part of a broader problem. Referees of sports games can also be added to this group as this occupation has become their profession. Today, there is a situation that in order to enroll the most suitable individuals in this job position it is necessary to select the candidates for sports game referees according to strictly worked-out criteria. The aim of the study was to investigate the abilities characterizing high quality sports game referees. 18 international level referees of sports games in Latvia were selected as subjects of the research. To state the subjects' physical ability, functional state, psychological peculiarities the following were applied: a computerized testing device "Omega" was used to assess the functional state of the body; situation alertness, psycho-emotional stability, self-regulation ability and motivation were stated with the help of tests used in sport psychology; simple reactions and the quickness of alternative reaction were measured using the computer system Vienna Test System. 16 parameters of each subject were obtained, and they were processed using Factor analysis - closed variant of the main components with the following turning of the referent axis according to the Varimax criterion. With the Factor analysis nine main factors were obtained characterizing sports game referees. Their contribution in the common dispersion is 93.7%. Seven factors of higher value were interpreted, and they were as follows: choice reaction time, its contribution in the dispersion 30.31%; functional state of the body and readiness (17.92%); correctness of the answers in choice reaction time test (the quality of the decisions made) 15.40%; the simple reaction time (9.02%); IQ coefficient (7.20%); psychological preparedness (5.01%) and the ability to concentrate (4.80%). The quickness of the alternative reaction and the quality of the decision made in this situation were the most important abilities characterizing high quality referees. The second most significant parameter is the functional and physical abilities of referees. Psychological ability and preparedness are important for referees. It is supposed that developing the above mentioned components a more successful preparation of sport game referees will be possible.
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