New Paradigms of Collaborative Circular Business Models and a Circular Network

Inga Uvarova (Coresponding Author), Dzintra Atstāja

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Development of circular business models (CBM) is essential towards a more
sustainable socio-economic growth. The European "Green Deal" strategy
highlights the importance of this transition by calling for immediate actions
and collaboration to accelerate circularity. While circular value creation,
proposition and capturing have been described as elements of CMB in the
literature, less attention has been paid to a circular network or multistakeholder collaboration, also involving people or communities in this
transdisciplinary setting. Based on a systematic literature review, this paper
investigates existing paradigms and concepts of a circular network. This study
provides a comprehensive framework of collaborative CBMs and proposes a
set of principles for collective endeavour in CBMs shaping. Our findings reveal
that in order to benefit the most from the circular network, collaboration and
interaction models require changes in social behaviour and perception of the
societal role in CBM innovations and the circular value chain. This study
contributes to circular business model theory and practice. Identified
dilemmas are mapping the future research agenda related to both the
ownership of shared circular value creation, as well as engagement and
leadership of self-managed teams of circular collaborative platforms.


  • Circular Business Models
  • Circular Networks
  • Collaboration
  • Business Management

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  • 5.2 Economy and Business

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  • 3.4. Other publications in conference proceedings (including local)


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