Opinions of Postpartum Women about the Impact of Pregnancy and Childbirth on Sexual Life

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Introduction: Sexual life is often a very sensitive topic, but it may be especially delicate subject for pregnant women. Women are worried about possible
impact of pregnancy and childbirth on their sexual life.
Aim: The aim was to collect and analyze information given by patients in postpartum units about their opinions of impact of pregnancy, childbirth and
partner’s presence during delivery on their sexual life.
Materials and methods: Cross-sectional study was carried out involving 351 women in postpartum period. Data were collected from August 2016 until
December 2016 in the Maternity Hospital using patient questionnaires.
Results: Mean age was 30.3 years (SD 5.1; range, 18 - 43 years). 52.1% (n=183) participants were primiparous and 47.9% (n=168) were multiparous.
92.0% (n=323) had coitus during pregnancy and 8.0% (n=28) did not have. In 41.6% sexual desire decreased during pregnancy. 29.6% (n=104) were
worried about impact of childbirth on sexual life, 35.3% (n=124) were worried if letting partner to participate in childbirth would change partners opinion
about their sexual life. 49.6% (n=174) got advice from gynecologist about their sexual life during pregnancy, 26.2% (n=92) would like to talk about sexual
life with gynecologist.
Conclusions: Most of the women are sexually active during pregnancy. Primiparous compared to multiparous are more often worried that childbirth and
partner’s presence during delivery may influence their sexual life. Those who admit sexual life as important for them more often are worried about possible
impact and want to talk about sexuality with their gynecologist.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1007
Number of pages5
JournalJSM Sexual Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 29 Jun 2017


  • Pregnancy and sexuality; Childbirth; Sexual life; Female sexuality; Partner in delivery

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