Opportunity to Use Mediation in Healthcare Disputes

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Rakstā aplūkota mediācijas procesa piemērošana strīdos starp pacientiem un ārstniecības personām veselības aprūpes jomā. Lai izvērtētu strīdu starp pacientiem un ārstniecības personām un gūtu ātrāku un kvalitatīvāku iespējamo risinājumu, nepieciešams izvērtēt mediācijas piemērošanu strīdos veselības aprūpes jomā. Pētījuma rezultāti ļauj secināt, ka tiesību normu saturs pieļauj mediācijas piemērošanu medicīnas tiesību jomā, taču, lai mediācijas process pilnvērtīgi darbotos, nepieciešams ievērot priekšnoteikumus, kas tiks pētīti darbā. The aim of the article is to provide some insight into an opportunity to use mediation in healthcare disputes in Latvia. Mediation is the process or form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is not yet popular in Latvia but in Europe the process has gained strong background. The number of applications in healthcare cases before the court are growing. It shows that there are some problems in healthcare legal system that should be improved. The article highlights the practical side of the problem to use mediation in disputes between patients and medical persons, as well as relationships and communication problems between both parties. The results of the research show that legislation allows applying mediation in healthcare disputes. Nevertheless, in order to make mediation process more popular in that particular sphere, it is necessary to comply with several conditions.
Translated title of the contributionOpportunity to Use Mediation in Healthcare Disputes
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • mediation
  • healthcare
  • medicine law

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