Overexpression of MRPS18-2 in cancer cell lines results in appearance of multinucleated cells

Z. Shevchuk, M. Y. Yurchenko, S. D. Darekar, I. Holodnuka-Kholodnyuk, V. I. Kashuba, E. V. Kashuba

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Human mitochondrial ribosomal protein MRPS18-2 (S18-2) is encoded by a cellular gene that is located on the human chromosome 6p21.3. We discovered that overexpression of the S18-2 protein led to immortalization and de-differentiation of primary rat embryonic fibroblasts. Cells showed anchorage-independent growth pattern. Moreover, pathways characteristic for rapidly proliferating cells were upregulated then. It is possible that the S18-2 overexpression induced disturbance in cell cycle regulation. We found that overexpression of S18-2 protein in human cancer cell lines led to an appearance of multinucleated cells in the selected clones.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)85-89
Number of pages5
JournalActa Naturae
Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • Cancer cell line
  • Cell cycle
  • Mitochondrial ribosomal protein S18-2 (MRPS18-2)
  • Multinucleated cells
  • RB binding protein

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  • 1.6 Biological sciences
  • 3.2 Clinical medicine

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