Parvoviruses and Inflammatory Neurological Disorders

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Aetiology of meningitis / meningoencephalitis and encephalopathy in most cases remains
unknown despite the fact that viruses have been implicated in the development of neurodegenerative
diseases. Human parvovirus B19 (B19V), human bocaviruses (HBoVs) and human parvovirus 4
(hPARV4) are members of Parvoviridae family. It is suggested that yet unidentified pathogen may circulate
in body and in certain circumstances may cause the disease therefore, it is important to evaluate
the role of B19V, HBoVs and hPARV4 in mentioned neurological disorders.
To determine the presence of B19V, HBoVs and hPARV4 in peripheral blood and / or cerebrospinal
fluid (CSF) of patients with meningitis / meningoencephalitis (n = 42), unspecified encephalopathy
(UEP; n = 28), and blood donors (BD; n = 50), as well as in brain tissue and blood of post mortem
(PM) individuals with (n = 56) and without UEP (n = 59; control group) – methods of molecular virology,
optical and electron microscopy were used.
Presence of B19V genomic sequence was detected in 16.7% of patients with meningitis / meningoencephalitis
and in 6% of BD, HBoVs – in 52.4% of patients and 28% of BD, but hPARV4 genomic
sequence was absent in DNA samples of patients’ and control groups.
B19V genomic sequence in blood and plasma DNA was revealed in 21.4%, HBoVs – in 20% and
hPARV4 in none of patients with UEP. Whereas in blood and tissue of PM individuals with UEP – B19V,
HBoVs and hPARV4 genomic sequences were detected in 42.9%, 41.7% and 5.4%, but in PM individuals
without UEP – in 30.5%, 24% and 3.4%, respectively.
Within the central nervous system, the main target of B19V is oligodendrocytes. The greatest
number of B19V-positive oligodendrocytes was found in the white matter of the frontal lobe.
In part of cases B19V and HBoVs may be potential contributors in development of meningitis
/ meningoencephalitis or encephalopathy. The morphological changes observed in the encephalopathy
group, propose a possible B19V involvement in the demyelination process.


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