Perspectives of European internists on multimorbidity. A multinational survey

Máximo Bernabeu-Wittel (Coresponding Author), M Holecki, A Tuttolomondo, J Chudek, E Battegay, The EFIM Multimorbidity Working Group, Julija Voicehovska (Member of the Working Group)

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The prevalence of multimorbidity (MM) amongst aging patient
populations increases across the world. Improvements in socioeconomic conditions and advances in medicine have facilitated an unprecedented increase in human longevity. Patients sequentially accumulate and survive multiple conditions and diseases, without fully shedding them. This has led to the concurrent presence of multiple chronic conditions and diseases in a patient, cumulating along the span of life [1, 2]. MM
has become the most prevalent constellation of patients in outpatient- as well as inpatient care especially in internal medicine, where MM patients may account for half or more of inpatients, and up to 80% of emergency patients [3, 4]. Therefore, health-care professionals attending to these patients, eg internists, need to prepare competences and tools to deliver comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care to multimorbid and polypathological patients [5]. Yet, data about the views of European internists concerning the care of multimorbid patients
are not available.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)130-132
JournalEuropean Journal of Internal Medicine
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022

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