Positive effect of natural antioxidant oregonin from Alnus incana bark on ram semen quality stored at 5 °C for 48 h

Desislava Abadjieva, Stanimir Yotov, Vanya Mladenova, Liga Lauberte, Ismet Kalvanov, Jelena Krasilnikova, Galina Telesheva, Elena Kistanova (Coresponding Author)

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The maintenance of high vitality and motility of ram's spermatozoa during storage at low temperatures has a crucial role for successful fertilization. This study evaluates the effect of the natural antioxidant oregonin on ram semen quality, stored at 5 °C for 48 h. Еighteen ejaculates (three repetitions for 6 ejaculates) from three local breed rams, collecting by artificial vagina, with volume > 1 ml, concentration > 1 × 109/ml and mass motility >3.5 were used for chilling. Each ejaculate was separated in two equal parts, diluted with Tris-glucose-glycerol-egg yolk extender with no oregonin or supplemented with 100μМ oregonin until adjustment of the sperm concentration to 200 × 106 cells/ml and stored at 5 °C for 48 h. The semen quality assessment was based on the main kinematic (by CASA analysis), morphological parameters (by BrightVit kit staining) and mitochondrial status (by MitoView staining) of the spermatozoa on 0, 24 and 48 h of storage, and on in vivo fertility test. Oregonin did not impair the morphology and kept sustained motility of ram spermatozoa stored at 5 °C for 48 h. The curvilinear velocity indicated faster movement of the oregonin treated sperms that corresponded with high percent of spermatozoa with active mitochondria in these samples. The fertilizing capacity of spermatozoa was preserved and pregnancy rate in the experimental group was 80% versus 60% in control. In conclusion, this study provides a new data about positive effect of the natural antioxidant oregonin, supplemented to the extender, on chilled ram semen quality, including fertilizing ability.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)153-158
Number of pages6
JournalResearch in Veterinary Science
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2020


  • Antioxidant oregonin
  • Chilled ram semen
  • Mitochondrial status
  • Motility

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