Pregnancy after breast cancer in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers

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Background: Often young women affected with BRCA1/2 positive breast cancer have not finished or even not started their childbearing before the onset of the disease. The aim of our mini-review is to summarize state of art knowledge on pregnancy after breast cancer in BRCA1/2 carriers. Methods: A broad review of the literature was conducted using MEDLINE (via PubMed) for relevant articles published. Main body of the abstract: This review summarizes the impact of different cytotoxic agents on a fertility, fertility preservation, maternal and fetal prognosis after pregnancy in breast cancer survivors with BRCA1/2. Conclusion: According to the existing literature evidence pregnancy after therapy for breast cancer in BRCA carriers is safe for the mother and offspring, but patients’ needs, oncofertility counseling and fertility-sparing strategy should be carefully planned before starting the cytotoxic treatment.
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JournalHereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice
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Publication statusPublished - 21 Jan 2022

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