Prevention of occlusal caries using a ozone, sealant and fluoride varnish in children

Julija Kalnina, Ruta Care

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OBJECTIVES: To compare ozone with fissure sealants and fluoride varnish in the prevention of occlusal caries in permanent premolars of children in 12 months period.

METHODS: A clinical trial was conducted on four groups of 10 years old schoolchildren: a group 1 - control group (n=50); a group 2 (n=21) in which fluoride varnish was applied and re-applied up to 12 months; a group 3 (n=17) in which sealant was applied and reapplied up to 12 months; and a group 4 (n=19) in which ozone was applied and re-applied up to 12 months. Percent caries reduction was studied in these initially healthy molars with complete occlusal eruption: 173 (control), 103 (varnish), 78 (sealants) and 103 (ozone) premolars met inclusion criteria. All patients were examined using DMFT index and Greene - Vermillion index at a baseline and in 6 months with a follow up period of 12 months. Each tooth was considered as the unit of the analysis. Data were analyzed using t-test and the chi-square tests.

RESULTS: The prevalence of caries was: in group 1 - 3.5% (n=6), in group 2 and group 3 - 0% (n=0), in group 4 - 2.9%, (n=3). The changes in occlusal caries incidence between all groups were not statistically significant.

CONCLUSIONS: The placement of fissure sealant, application of fluoride varnish, and application of ozone - are recommended to use in prevention of occlusal pit and fissure caries in permanent premolars in children. Furthermore, they are not significantly different from one another in their effectiveness.

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Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • ozone
  • fissure sealant
  • fluoride varnish
  • prevention
  • children

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