Public Administration in Development of the Procedure of the Securing a Claim

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The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia is a leading public administration in the justice sectorsand plays an important role in the development of the procedure of the securing a claim. Topicality and novelty of the research arereflected in the fact that until now in the legal doctrine weren’t made depthand extensive researches of the role of public administration in solving problems of the securing a claim.The aim of the research isto carry out an assessment of the activities of the Ministry of Justice in the development of the securinga claim. In the present research, using the analytical, descriptive and deduction/induction method, were analysed the normative acts, legal policy planning documents, annotations of draft amendments to the Civil Procedure Law, etc. Results:actions of the Ministry of Justice to develop the securing a claim sometimes are chaotic.Conclusions:in order to achieve the defined objectives of the institute of the securing a claim, the state should pay attention to the systematic improvement of current civil procedural regulation


  • civil procedure law, governmen
  • Ministry of Justice, securinga claim

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