Public services client-accordance through coproduction and digitalization

Romans Putans, Zane Zeibote

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The role of the societies and their interaction with public administration is changing toward ever closer co-operation. Since 2009 scientific literature and the public administrations themselves have been in-creasingly exploring the changing and dynamic role of the recipient of public services, a client or a customer, as that of a partner in the provision of public services. In this article the authors propose a policy client-accor-dance index (PCAX) methodology to measure the relevance of a) policy planned results and policy-makers’ expectations in relation to b) clients’ intentions, and explore the co-production in the age of digitalization based on a case study. The idea of the article is to contribute to this necessity of new tools and approaches to facilitate the co-operation and co-production between policy makers and society. The main goal of the research is to analyse the applicability and challenging aspects of the feasibility of PCAX and to test the possible transfer of the developed methodology model for evaluating the relevance of any public administration policy to the intentions of the policy‘s respective target group, i.e., the client-accordance index of a given public policy. In the first and the second chapters of the article, mostly based on the findings of scientific literature analyses, the authors explore the increasing topicality and the need of changing aware-ness of a public a service and its provision. Further in-depth analyses are conducted on the possible methodological tool to measure the relevance between the policy makers’ decisions (expectations) and society‘s needs and intentions. In the concluding chapter of the article the authors summa-rize the development dynamics of societal reforms towards co-production, main implementation aspects of the concept and remarks on PCAX backed up by the findings of the approbation of PCAX elements in the actual case study.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)127-147
Number of pages21
JournalEuropean Studies: The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Co-production
  • Digita-lization
  • Public governance
  • Public services
  • Social participation

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  • 5.2 Economy and Business
  • 5.6 Political science

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