Self-reported musculoskeletal acute and overuse injuries among Latvian infantry soldiers

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Musculoskeletal injuryis the leading cause of disability among different military populationsthat results in socioeconomic burden and negatively affects military readiness. Study aim wasto describe self-reported musculoskeletal injuries among Latvian infantry soldiers during one-year period. Survey-based cross-sectional studywas carried out. Data was assessed using survey about injuries that occurred in one-year period during annual medical check-up.Musculoskeletal injuries were classified accordingto body regions as it is in Barellinjury matrix and by injury type –acute or overuse.Study results showed in one-year injury incidence rate was 867.8casesper 1000 person-years (95% CI 824.8 –913.0) with total 197 musculoskeletal injuries reported among active duty infantry soldiers.Typical acute injuries were superficial contusion injuries (n=24), fractures (n=21), joint dislocations (n=21) and sprains (n=29). Typical overuse diagnoses were lower back pain (n=42), patellofemoral pain syndrome (n=11), medial tibial stress syndrome (n=9), plantar fasciitis (n=8). Present study showed high incidenceof overuse back injuries and overuse and acute lower leg injuries. Mostly of reported injuriescould be classified as preventable andshouldbe reduced through injury reduction programmes


  • Barell matrix, military personnel
  • musculoskeletal injuries, occupational health

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