Sleep Duration among Adolescents in Latvia by Age and Sex

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Sleep is important domain of daily life and being related to adolescents’ daily functioning,
emotional regulation and behaviour. This study investigates sleep duration on schooldays and weekends among adolescents in Latvia by age and sex groups.
Data of 5557 adolescents aged 11, 13 and 15 years from Health Behaviour in School-aged children (HBSC) 2013/2014 survey in Latvia were used for data statistical analysis. Sleep duration was
measured by computing answers from the questions: ‘At what time do you usually 1) go to bed and
2) wake up (on schooldays, and on weekends or during holidays)?’
The average sleep duration for both sexes is 7.98 (± 1.16) h daily, with variations from 3 to 11 h
daily, on schooldays and 10.5 (± 1.65) h daily, with variations from 3 to 17 h daily on weekends or holidays. Proportion of adolescents with sufficient sleep duration on schooldays (8–10 h daily, according to
USA National Sleep foundation) for boys was 79.6% in 11 years, 64.9% in 13 years and 48.1% in 15 years
aged boys (p < 0.001); for girls is 82.5% in 11 years, 57.9% in 13 years and 39.6% in 15 years aged girls
(p < 0.001). The proportion of those with insufficient sleep duration on schooldays (less than 8 h daily)
increased by age in both sexes – 18.9% in 11 years, 34.6% in 13 years, 51.9% in 15 years aged boys
(p < 0.001) and 16.2% in 11 years, 41.7% in 13 years, 60.4% in 15 years aged girls (p < 0.001).
In general, 62.4% adolescents meets recommended sleep duration of 8–10 h daily on schooldays.
However, one third of adolescents on schooldays sleeps less than recommended. In the age group of
15 years more than half of adolescents sleep less than recommended for both sexes. Associated factors
with sleep duration among adolescents should be investigated more into the details. Parents should pay
more attention to control the length of sleep of adolescents. Sleep hygiene should be included in health
promotion programs for adolescents.


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