Social Work Education in Latvia: Post-crisis Impact and Development Perspectives

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This chapter gives insight into the development of social work education in Latvia since 1991, when the Higher School of Social Work and Social Education Attīstība (Development) established its first social work education programme.

The chapter describes the socio-political and economic situation following the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia, which marked changes in both the state governance model and the development of the social security system, and the development of new strategies for dealing with social problems not previously encountered.

A number of important events have affected the development of social work education: the inclusion of the social work profession in the classification of professions and the development of professional standards, education reforms, accession of Latvia in the European Union, the Bologna Process, and the economic crisis of 2008–2011. These events have contributed to the need for social workers with new knowledge and skills to tackle challenges posed by globalisation and to seek local solutions to these challenges.
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Title of host publicationSocial Work Education in Europe
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EditorsMario Laging, Nino Žganec
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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NameEuropean Social Work Education and Practice
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  • Social Work Education (SWE) in Europe
  • European model of education for social work
  • Current Developments of Social Work
  • social work practice
  • social work educational structures and models
  • Historical Context of Social Work Activities
  • Social Work Education in Latvia

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