Staphylococcus aureus colonisation in patients with recurrent tonsillitis

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S.aureus is frequently isolated from throat cultures, it can be a part of patients oral microbiome or a causative agent of recurrent tonsillitis (RT) and produce multilayered biofilms. The antimicrobial effect within the biofilm is insufficient due to lowered bacterial metabolic activity and reduced penetration. Research objectives are to evaluate clinical importance of S. aureus colonization in patients with RT using microbiological testing of samples from tonsillar crypts, throat, nasal cavity and armpits.  Samples from tonsillar crypts were obtained during tonsillectomy from 16 patients. Samples from throat, nasal cavity and armpit were obtained approximately a year later to assess S.aureus carriage. Bacteriological examination methods were used. Biofilm producer strains were evaluated. Microtitre-plate method was used for the in vitro cultivation and quantification of bacterial biofilms. From tonsillar crypts of 16 patients with RT 16 strains of S.aureus were isolated. From tonsillar crypts 1/16 were strong biofilm producers, 6/16 were moderate, 8/16 were weak, 1/16 strains of S.aureus did not produce a biofilm. A year after tonsillectomy 4/16 strains of S.aureus were isolated from throat culture, 4/16 from nasal samples, 1/16 from armpit samples. From throat samples 1/4 were strong biofilm producers, 3/4 strains of S.aureus were weak. From nasal samples 1/4 were moderate, 1/4 weak biofilm producers, 2/4 strains of S.aureus did not produce a biofilm. From armpit samples 1 strain of S.aureus did not produce a biofilm. From obtained data we can conclude that in 9/16 cases S.aureus was the causative agent of RT, in 5/16 cases patients had a predisposition to colonization of S.aureus, in 2/16 cases S.aureus were a part of patients oral microbiome. 9 strains of S.aureus were isolated in the late postoperative period and in 5/9 cases they were biofilm producing strains.
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EventRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice - Rīga, Latvia
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ConferenceRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice
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