Surgical Outcome after Correction of the Aortic Coarctation in Neonates and Infants

Valts Ozolins, Elīna Ligere, Aris Lacis, Lauris Smits, Ingūna Lubaua

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To evaluate the short and long term surgical results of the aortic coarctation (AoCo)
repair within the fi rst year of life.
Analysis of the results after primary AoCo repair in our department within the fi rst year
of life during the years 2000–2005 and 2006–2011 and the follow-up data in short and long
term (3–140 months follow-up) were done.
In total 82 patients (46 boys, 36 girls) underwent AoCo repair, out of them 62% at
neonatal age n=51. 2000–2005 53% neonates (n=15), 2006–2011 67% neonates (n=36)
(p=0,004). Diagnosed antenataly in 24%: 2000–2005 11%, but 2000–2011 31% (p=0,032).
In both groups – infantile coarctation 82%, hypoplastic transverse arch 16%. AoCo as an isolated pathology in 57 % (n=47), AoCo+VSD 25% (n=20), complex pathology 18% (n=15). The
weight at the time of procedure was 4.124+/–1.6kg, the mean age 2000–2005: 63.18+/–
64.3days, 2006–2011: 39.69+/–52.4 days, p=0,038. The methods of the correction: anastomosis end-to-end 26% (n=21), subclavian fl ap aortoplasty (SFA) 61% (n=50), extended
anastomosis end-to end 12% (n=10), balloon angioplasty 1% (n=1). There were 6 cases of
early postoperative death: 10.7% in the years 2000–2005, 5.5% in the years 2006–2011,
10 cases of late death in both groups. Recoarctation occurred in 15 (22.7% at all ages, and
57% during the fi rst year after the repair), no correlation observed between the methods of
correction and later all underwent successful transvascular treatment. There is a correlation
between lethal cases and concomitant intracardiac pathology (p=0.002). Arterial hypertension observed in 15% in long term follow-up.
Infantile aortic coarctation still carries high morbidity and mortality, but early mortality
gradually decreases and surgery was performed at an earlier age after the year 2005. Long
term mortality is mainly connected with concomitant pathologies. Surgical correction is a
treatment of choice in the fi rst year of life.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 15 May 2012
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Event12th Conference of the Baltic Association of Paediatric Surgeons - Riga, Latvia
Duration: 17 May 201219 May 2012
Conference number: 12


Conference12th Conference of the Baltic Association of Paediatric Surgeons
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