Teenagers' physical development and fitness parameters tested by the Eurofit method

Silvija Umbraško, Sarmīte Boka, Ilva Duļevska, Ruta Žagare, Ludmila Gavričenkova

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Hypothesis - the age-appropriate load improves teenagers' physical development. Sportsmen's physical preparedness is better than the physical preparedness of the rest of schoolchildren. The aim of study. To study and compare the physical development and the physical preparedness of teenagers sportsmen and teenagers with insufficient movement activity. The objectives of study.1. To acquire the methods of performing the Eurofit test.2. To determine separate anthropometric parameters, the body posture of teenagers and teenage sportsmen.3. To state the physical preparedness by tests of the Eurofit method; to analyze and compare the acquired results. The method of study.1. The study is carried out by the Eurofit method description.2. The analysis of results is carried out in corformity with laws and regulations of the Eurofit test. Results I Analyzing the parameters of physical development in total, we could conclude that the teenagers of the experimental group (basketball players) showed higher parameters of physical development necessary when going in for sport. The teenagers with a bigger body mass ( assessing the skin and subcutaneous fat folds thickness sum) are advised to have the diet and eating habits controlled. Results II Analyzing the mean value parameters of physical preparedness between both groups, we stated that basketball players outweigh their untrained peers in speed during flexibility testing the strength test. In other tests the untrained control group peers outweigh the trained basketball players. Some basketball players are seen to have a low physical preparedness level, which lowers the mean value of the group in each test. Analyzing the test results by the evaluation scale I variation of the Eurofit method, we found that most commonly the physical preparedness level in basketball players is moderate and above the average level, in some tests the Flamingo balance test at a higher level in 42.9% cases, the hand movement speed test is at a higher level in 66.7% cases.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)340-350
JournalPapers on Anthropology
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • teenager
  • physical development
  • preparedness

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