Term pregnancy labour induction of nulliparous women with gestational hypertension, diabetes

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Labour induction (LI) is associated with better maternal, perinatal outcome and should be offered to patients with gestational hypertension (GH) from 37+0, gestational diabetes (GD) after a full 38weeks of gestation. Data were collected retrospectively in year 2019. 163 Riga Maternity hospital inducted labour medical hystories of singleton, cephalic, nulliparous women ≥37+0 weeks of gestation with GD, GH were reviewed. Data were analyzed with SPSS 26.0. Women’s mean age was 29 years±5.0 with mean BMI 24.4±4.9kg/m2. Data were divided into two groups – first included 67 (41.1%) patients from ≥ 37+0 to 40+0 weeks of gestation, second – 96 (58.9%) from 40+1weeks of gestation. As a maternal comorbidity, GD and preeclampsia were more common in group 1 – 18 (26.9%), 29 (43.3%); GD and GH were more common in group 2 – 34 (35.4%), 33 (34.4%), p=0.045. Mean duration from LI to 1st stage in groups were 14h59min±11h24min and 16h6min±12h6min, p=0.213; of the 1st stage – 6h47min±3h14min and 8h12min±3h20min, p=0.238; 2nd stage – 56min±39min and 1h8min±49min, p=0.405, accordingly. In groups 29 (43.3%) and 49 (51.0%) were vaginal births, 29 (43.3%) and 35 (36.5%) labours were completed by caesarean section, p=0.713. Apgar scores for groups were 7.58±0.59 and 7.53±0.72 at 1 minute, p=0.402, 8.72±0.50 and 8.72±0.51 at 5 minute, p=0.609, respectively. 10 (14.9%) newborns of group 1 and 13 (13.5%) of group 2 entered the neonatal intensive care unit, p=0.803; 4 (6.0%) and 13 (13.5%) were injured during labour, p=0.120. 20 (29.9%) group 1 and 33 (34.4%) group 2 mothers did not have vaginal births within 24h after LI, p=0.544. LI did not affect perinatal or maternal outcome in this study. To determine statistically significant differences between the groups, they should be extended.
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EventRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice - Rīga, Latvia
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ConferenceRSU Research week 2021: Knowledge for Use in Practice
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