The influence of early orthodontic treatment on the growth of craniofacial complex in deciduous occlusion of unilateral cleft lip and palate patients

Inese Maulina, Dace Priede, Laura Linkeviciene, Ilze Akota

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This study evaluates dental occlusion and dental arch parameters of 5-6 year old children with unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) treated and untreated orthodonticly before lip plastic with noncleft children. The aim of the study was to verify whether early orthodontic treatment improves deciduous dental arch relationship of children with unilateral cleft lip and palate.135 casts of 5-6 year old children from Riga and Vilnius were evaluated. 90 casts from children with UCLP (45 - got early orthodontic treatment, 45 - without early orthodontic treatment) and 45 casts from noncleft children. All patients with UCLP had surgically closed lip and palate; five-Year-Olds, Index was used to assess dental arch relationship of UCLP patients. Measurements of dental arch length, canine and molar arch width was taken similar to Bland and Altman method. Statistical analysis: the difference of the mean values was tested using t-test between and within groups: UCLP-1 (without early orthodontics), UCLP-2 (treated orthodonticaly before lip plastic) and control group - noncleft children). Measurements were performed by two calibrated orthodontists, mean error was calculated according to the Dalberg method. Measurement error was less than 1 mm. Measurements showed that the occlusion parameters and transverse distance between deciduous molars of UCLP-1 group differed from the occlusion of UCLP-2. Children who had got early orthodontics showed better growth of the maxillae. More cases with positive overjet and meziodistal or distal deciduous molar relationship had treated with early orthodontics. Maxillary width between deciduous molars was statistically significant wider in children with UCLP who had early orthodontic treatment comparing with untreated children. Growth of mandible was not inhibited and did not differ treated and untreated children with UCLP and control group.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)91-96
Number of pages6
JournalStomatologija / issued by public institution "Odontologijos studija" ... [et al.]
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • UCLP
  • growth of craniofacial complex
  • early orthodontics
  • deciduous dentition
  • Goslon Yardstick Index
  • jaw dimensions

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  • 3.2 Clinical medicine

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