Time-depending changes of surrounding tissue and implants after different biomaterial implantation in experimental animals

Māra Pilmane, Andrejs Skagers, L. Berzina-Cimdina

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The reaction of the surrounding tissue on implanted biomaterials is still unclear. Our aim was to investigate possible changes in growth factors, neuropeptides, matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), apoptotic factors, and antimicrobial proteins of tissue around the implants. Soft tissues were investigated for PGP9.5, VIP, SP, TGFbeta, FGFR1, MMP2, apoptosis and beta defensin II at different time points after subcutaneous implants of hydroxyapatite (HAP), glass ceramic (4N, 4NK) in Wistar rats by use of immunohistochemistry. Native slides were prepared by use of Exact Grinding (Heidelberg, Germany) for analyzing the biomaterial and surrounding soft tissue.
Part of the connective tissue cells expressed TGFbeta, while FGFR1 was seen almost in all structures. Neuropeptide-containing nerves were seen after longer implantation time. MMP2 marked white blood cells, connective tissue cells and glandulocytes. Neoangiogenesis, proliferation of nerves and sclerotisation of blood vessels were observed near the implants. Apoptosis affected all soft tissues. All implants were surrounded by a fibrous capsule. Inflammation was seen mainly after
3 weeks in cases of 4H and 4NK. Defensin appeared in tissue after 3 months NK and HAP implants. The largest pore size was for 4N material with following decrease by prolongation of implantation time. Decrease of quality in innervation and expression of defensin by surrounding tissue correlates with increased implantation time of the biomaterial. Degenerative changes of tissue with selective expression of FGFR1 are characteristic around different implants. Thickness of the connective tissue capsule around the implants varies and does not depend on implantation time.
Number of pores of biomaterial increases, but diameter of pores decreases with implantation time.
Original languageEnglish
PagesAbstract No.81
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2009
Event104th Annual Meeting of the Anatomische Gesellschaft - Antwerpen, Belgium
Duration: 27 Mar 200930 Mar 2009
Conference number: 104


Meeting104th Annual Meeting of the Anatomische Gesellschaft
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