Tissue-Welding Device: Considerable Advantages for Spleen Surgery Based on Histological and Cardiorespiratory Investigation

Linda Gatina, Inga Pigiņka-Vjačeslavova, Dace Bērziņa, Maksims Zolovs (Coresponding Author)

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During splenic surgery, it is important to control blood loss and the potential risk of cardiac arrhythmia. The best way to prevent complications from surgery is to use the appropriate surgical devices; however, there is no guideline for the use of specific surgical devices for spleen incision. Therefore, the aim of this research was to compare the interactions of various surgical devices with spleen tissue, their cardiorespiratory effects during incision, and subsequent spleen surgical wound healing. A total of 75 rabbits were included in the study. CO2 laser (n = 15), radiofrequency device (n = 15), electrocoagulator (n = 15), tissue-welding device (n = 15), and scalpel (n = 15) were used to make incisions in rabbits' spleens. Spleen biopsies of the incision area were taken from each animal at the day 0, 7, and 14 after surgery. Contactless thermography was performed during surgery. Suturing was not used after incision with the tissue-welding device, but incisions made by other surgical devices were sutured. The results showed that the width of spleen necrosis differed significantly between the various surgical devices used on spleen tissues. There was a positive, strong, and linear association between necrosis width and the tissue temperature of cutting edges. Significant increases in the heart rate were observed during spleen surgery performed with laser, scalpel, and radiofrequency devices. In conclusion, the tissue-welding device confers a significant advantage in spleen surgery, as there is neither a need for sutures nor a significant deviation in the heart rate.
Original languageEnglish
Article number 9270966
Pages (from-to)1-8
Number of pages8
JournalVeterinary Medicine International
Publication statusPublished - 24 Sept 2022


  • spleen surgery
  • electrocoagulator
  • radiofrequency
  • rabbits

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